Is artificial grass right for your property?

Did you know that synthetic grass is environmentally friendly? As a supplier of artificial grass to residents of Sydney, people find this revelation hard to believe, but let me tell you about the benefits of synthetic grass, and why it can help the environment.

1. Artificial turf doesn’t need water

During the dry months of winter, keeping your lawn green and growing drains thousands of litres of water out of our dams, and at a time when rainfall is generally at its lowest.

And with the droughts we’ve been having in Australia lately, water restrictions take a heavy toll on Sydney lawns. With artificial turf, you can reduce the strain on our water supply, while also enjoying the greenest grass in the neighbourhood.

2.  No more herbicides

The average Sydney resident will wage a constant war on weeds and pests with regular applications of herbicides and pesticides. Many of these compounds are not healthy for the environment and can wreak havoc when they enter the water table. Synthetic grass means you can do away with your cupboard full of dangerous chemicals, while also creating a safer environment for children and pets in the process.

3. Synthetic grass lasts for years

When you lay down synthetic grass, you will be enjoying it for years to come. A lot will depend on your budget, but in general, the UV protection built into every artificial blade will ensure your synthetic turf will look great for between 5 and 15 years. The realistic-looking fake grass is also created from recyclable materials, which is another added benefit to the environment.

If you have had enough of lawn mowing and yard work taking up valuable weekends, then check out your options for synthetic grass in Sydney today, and learn how you can enjoy beautiful, grassy, green areas all year long.

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