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Will artificial grass survive the rainy season?

As spring turns into summer, and synthetic grass, Sydney lawns are subjected to almost daily summer storms, property owners can’t help but wonder how their synthetic grass will fare against the weekly deluge. Quite well, as it happens.

Artificial turf is created from a naturally waterproof polyethylene. The rainfall drains away fast so the fake grass can dry quickly. Once the storm has passed, you will be able to get back to enjoying a drier yard much quicker than if you had natural grass.

Artificial lawns also feature a porous backing so rainfall won’t pool in puddles like it would on a natural grass lawn. Water quickly flows through to the storm drains and doesn’t hang around to flood your yard.

No puddles also mean no mud. Pet owners will undoubtedly appreciate being able to bring their pets inside without the usual thorough cleaning off of muddy paws.

Good drainage provides so many advantages. Every Australian home has those areas where water collects and doesn’t evaporate away because of the shade. Even small puddles are a haven for mosquitoes to breed during the warm, wet season. Artificial turf, with its fantastic drainage, will prevent puddles from forming around your yard, so you have fewer mosquitoes to deal with.

Do you have kids who like to play in the rain? Natural grass becomes very slippery even after a light shower. However, artificial grass has no such issues. Your kids can continue to play in the rain and do what kids do, but without the mud and the scraped knees.

If you would like to join the many artificial grass, Sydney owners enjoying the benefits of synthetic lawns all year round, then call us today and find out how affordable and convenient it can be.

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