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How to make your artificial grass last

Your synthetic grass, Sydney lawn looks fantastic, and your future looks bright with mower free weekends. However, you’re not entirely off the hook. Artificial grass needs a lot less care than the average lawn, but a little maintenance once or twice a month will ensure it lasts decades and always looks its best. Here are a few quick and easy maintenance tips you can use to keep your synthetic grass looking like new for longer.


Leaves and debris will collect on your synthetic grass, Sydney yard. These can easily be removed by brushing the artificial lawn once a week with a medium, soft bristle brush. You don’t want to use a hard bristle as this could damage the grass. Be sure to use a gentle cross brushing motion against the grain to avoid misshaping the turf. A leaf blower or lawn vacuum will help remove fallen leaves before they can get ground into the synthetic grass.

Attend to stains immediately

Accidents happen, especially when you have kids or pets, or regularly entertain in your backyard. Quickly clean up any spills by blotting with a thick paper or cloth towel. Absorbent kitty little may also do the trick. Give the area a quick rinse with dishwashing detergent and water.

For more stubborn stains, use a 3% solution of ammonia in water. Use clean water to give the area a thorough rinsing. Should oil and grease make it onto your artificial turf, you may need to use mineral spirits to remove them, then blot up the excess liquid before rinsing thoroughly.

Pet waste

Cleaning up pet waste is the same as natural grass, except you should wait for it to dry before removing it. Liquid pet waste will drain away, but if you’re worried about the smell, douse the area with clean water from the garden hose.

Synthetic grass, Sydney, is an investment. While it won’t need cutting, it does require regular brushing and rinsing to ensure it will look beautiful for many years.

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