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What you need to know before paving your home

Pavers are an excellent surface suitable for a wide range of areas and purposes, especially across the Sydney Hills District where property sizes are higher than average and there standout acreage suburbs like Dural, Kenthurst and Annangrove where quality paving and beautiful landscaped estates form a key part of the property appeal.

But how do you know what type of pavers will work for your Hills District property?

Use this quick guide to narrow down your options and make the best choice.

Choose your material

Some paving materials are more suited to an area than others. For instance, limestone is not as hardy as concrete or brick, so it would not be the best choice for a site that receives a lot of sun and heat for most of the day.

Pool areas are popular around the Sydney Hills districts. Pavers that do not get slippery when wet can keep boisterous children safe. Concrete pavers are available in a wide range of colours and designs and can be textured. They are also incredibly durable, which makes them the perfect choice for wet areas like poolsides. 

If you plan to cover your paved area, you have more options in materials, as the extra shade and protection from the weather will increase your pavers’ expected lifespan.

Consider the type of weather your area experiences

Brick pavers are porous and will break down faster in hot, wet, and windy climates. Sydney Hills experiences the weather typical in eastern Australia, which means hot humid days for most of spring and summer.  Sydney Hills district pavers will be exposed to a lot of heat and humidity for many months of the year. If the pavers are to be laid in an uncovered area, consider concrete or stone pavers to ensure they can endure the elements and look good for longer.

Durability versus cost

The weather and where you plan to pave will all contribute to the cost of the paving job. Heavy-duty pavers generally cost a little more than less durable materials. However, covered areas, where you have the extra expense of building materials, will add an extra layer of protection for your pavers.

You can save some of your budget by choosing a cheaper paving material in these areas.  Likewise, a pathway through a shady garden would not need pavers designed for heavy traffic and withstanding the elements.

Pavers to suit your budget

Even when you have settled on a paving material, you will still have a wide range of choices before finding a paver you like. Everyone will have a budget they need to stay under for the job. Your best option is to let your paving, Sydney expert know what you have to work with, and they will help you find the perfect paver for your property that won’t break the bank but will still look great and last a long time.

Choose an experienced Hills District paving specialist

A well-executed paving job will need to be performed by an experienced team of professionals. This is the best way to ensure your pavers are perfectly suited to your area and will last the distance. Choosing the best local paving company does not always mean the most expensive, so call today to find out how you can add value to your property with attractive, functional pavers.

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