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Tips in choosing your Sydney paver

I’m a paver layer by trade, and I often get asked why people should choose one paver layer over another. When we talk about paving, it can involve any kind of work that requires hardscaping, which is a fancy way of referring to an aspect of landscaping that does not use living elements like trees and shrubs.

Because it covers a diverse range of occupations, paving can fall under a few different licensing regulations such as a concreting license for pouring concrete, or a landscaping licence for all types of pavers, but only in certain areas.

It’s not all that difficult to find a good paver, but it’s also easy to find one that isn’t. To make your job for finding the best paver layer, Sydney operator a lot simpler, here are a few of the questions we get asked all the time. 

Are you licensed?

Licencing regulations ensure that the person you are hiring knows how to do their job.  Sydney paver layers fall under New South Wale’s jurisdiction and so are required to have a concreters licence if they pour any concrete. If you are planning to have natural stone pavers laid, then your paver will need to hold a minor trade work licence that is restricted to paving.

What’s your specialty?

Jack of all trades are handy in certain situations, but laying pavers isn’t one of them. If you want the best job possible and paving that will last, then you should always go for Sydney paver layers who specialise in laying pavers.  There are a lot of different paver types, including:

Limestone – Often used for poolsides, driveways, and walkways.

Granite pavers – A low maintenance option and excellent for heavily trafficked areas like driveways.

Slate – Is an attractive option for patios and outdoor living areas. Slate is slip-resistant when wet, so it’s also an excellent choice for families with children.

There are many more paving types than these, but the point is, a paver’s experience will show in the finished job, so the more they specialise in the paving style you need, the better it will look and the longer it will last.

Check their references and past work

Good quality paver layers are proud of their work and enjoy the opportunity to show it off to prospective customers. Ask about a website and check out their portfolio if they have one. If any paver layers are hesitant about providing references or don’t have any photos of past jobs, then you are probably better off moving on to the next one on your shortlist.  

If you’re in the market for the best paver layers in Sydney, then head on over to About Paving, where you can be sure our experience and expertise will deliver beautiful paving that lasts.

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