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The different types of paving and their cost

Pavers are a durable surface with a wide range of practical applications around homes and businesses. When you check out examples of pavers, Sydney properties have used them to enhance driveways, pool areas, and parking spaces for commercial properties.

The cost of paving Sydney properties

There’s no denying that paving is a superior solution, but it raises the question of how much does it cost to pave your property in Sydney?

The area you want to have paved, the type of terrain, and the paving material you prefer will all affect the price. In general, you would expect to pay between $40 to $65 per square meter for concrete pavers, and $70 to $95 per square meter for brick pavers, but there is a lot of variation in between these two price points.

When you explore the value of paving, you will find that value comes from more than monetary cost alone.  In properties around Sydney, you will find concrete, gravel, and asphalt surfaces. Let’s explore why pavers may be the best solution.


A lot of homeowners will opt for concrete, but there are quite a few downsides to concrete that make it inappropriate for many areas around the home. A concrete driveway is impervious to water, so extensive drainage systems are required to cope with the surface runoff during rain. A concrete surface is slippery when wet, so it’s not much good around the pool. Plus, it isn’t the most attractive surface, especially after cracks and tripping hazards appear because of the shifting earth underneath.


Asphalt is cheaper than concrete, but it always has problems to consider. Not only will asphalt get hot under the sun, but it will also retain the heat for longer. An asphalt surface can get soft on extremely hot days, which makes it prone to potholes and constant repairs.


Gravel is one of the cheapest options because it’s easy to install. However, it requires constant maintenance, tends to spread everywhere, is prone to weeds, often turns into a muddy pit in heavy downpours, and can turn into a dustbowl in dry weather. It’s not suitable around pools because of the small rocks, and it’s hard on bare feet, which means it’s not the best solution for a walkway.

Pavers are the answer

When you consider the cost of paving in Sydney, you need to take all the factors into account. In all of the above scenarios, a paved surface could be the answer. A textured paved surface won’t get slippery around the pool and will be resistant to shifting earth.

They are also easy to install and will look great for a lot longer than other surfaces. If you’re considering a new driveway, walkway, or parking area for your business, get in touch to find out how affordable paving Sydney properties can be.

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