North Shore paving

What you need to consider before paving

Any North Shore paving design is a balancing act between efficiency, cost, and performance. You will need to carefully consider the features of the pavers to ensure you make the best choice for your needs while managing the budget and the durability of the pavement.

Your next North Shore paving project will be off to a good start when you keep the following considerations in mind.

1.  Landscaping objective

Pavers are a suitable surface for many different areas around the house, including the driveway, garden paths, and large entertainment areas. Getting professional advice on an appropriate type of paver for each use case scenario will keep your paved area looking great for longer.

Many properties around the North Shore area have large, beautiful trees, so your paving design will need to allow for drainage that still provides plenty of water to get to the root systems. You will also need to account for root systems that could disrupt the regular surface of your pavers.

2. Budget

Whether designing a garden path for pedestrian traffic or a driveway that needs to handle heavy loads, you need to get the right paver for the job without blowing out the budget.  Paving jobs designed for heavy loads are more involved and therefore cost a little more. Fortunately, pavers suitable for every type of scenario are available in a wide range of styles, colours, and budgets, so there will always be something to suit your needs at a price you can afford.

3. Use an experienced Sydney paving service

The Sydney paving service you use to create your new driveway or entertainment area is just as critical to your design as choosing the right type of pavers. Always review the experience and qualifications of your paving service. It also doesn’t hurt to check out a few of their previous jobs to see if they can provide the type of paving that you need.  Online reviews are another great resource you can use to gauge the professionalism of your Sydney North Shore Paving business.

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