Pavers in Sydney

A guide on where to buy Pavers in Sydney

Pavers are a popular choice for creating a durable surface for garden paths, pool areas, parking, and driveways. No other outdoor surfacing product has an incredible range of colours, textures, and shapes, so you can get the exact look you are going for.

Not only do you have a fantastic range of options in paving styles, but there are also plenty of great places to buy pavers in Sydney.

Here are just a few of the suppliers we find are some of the most reliable sources for all your paving needs.

1. Amber Tiles

Amber Tile has been supplying Sydney residents and commercial enterprises with pavers and tiles since 1973. Over the last few decades, the Amber Brand has grown to 28 stores throughout NSW and QLD. So if you are looking for a supplier who also has the experience to help you make the best decision, you can’t go past Amber.

Not only do they have pavers, but they also have an expansive range of indoor and outdoor tiles, making them a great option if you happen to be doing a renovation along with a new outdoor path or driveway. Once your pavers are laid, you will need access to high-quality cleaning and sealing products; Amber has you covered for those as well.

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2. Beaumont Tiles

Beaumont Tiles is an Australian-owned company serving the residential and commercial market for more than 60 years. They claim to have the most extensive store footprint and are supported by massive warehouses for rapid delivery. Due to Beaumont’s bulk storage ability, they can supply the market with some of the best value deals around from a significant range of choices. All types of pavers are available to suit a wide range of budgets.

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3. Australbricks

Australbricks have been making bricks for around 100 years now, so they should know a thing or two about what kind of pavers you will need. Australbrick customers can access a handy application called iVisualise that allows them to see how pavers will look before installation. By choosing a home in the application with a similar design to their home, they can then select from a large range of paver types, styles, and designs to see how each choice will look.

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Get a free no-obligation in Sydney and help with sourcing the best pavers for your project

Phil and the team at About Paving can help guide you and also source for you the best pavers for your project. We offer a no-obligation call. With our network of Sydney paving suppliers we aim to access the best prices possible.

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