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Here are our Top 4 Paving Considerations

Most Sydney siders love to pave areas of their home. Whether it’s the driveway, entertainment area, or the pool, done right, a quality paving job has the potential to add value to your property.

But over the years we have seen many things go wrong. To help, we’ve put this helpful list of factors to consider before you start your Sydney paving project.

1. Understand your purpose

Pavers are an excellent surface for many different areas around your home, but understanding your purpose will help you make the best choice. Are you adding pavers around your pool and entertainment area? If so, you will need to make sensible choices and choose pavers resistant to slipping and salt.

Pavers for a driveway will need to handle more weight than pavers suitable for a garden path that only gets foot traffic.

2. Survey the site being paved

How large is the area you are paving? Large areas can be covered more quickly and affordably using large format pavers. Odd-shaped areas will involve cutting. Some pavers are easier to cut than others, so this will affect your available choices and impact the cost of your Sydney paving job. You will also need to consider other factors such as drainage to ensure rainwater can quickly runoff rather than pool and cause moisture problems and shifting ground.

3. Choose the right Sydney paving company to work with

Paving can be a large, overwhelming project for the inexperienced. If you don’t get it right, driveway paving repairs and replacement can cost you more money than hiring a professional in the first place. Plus, poorly laid pavers rarely stay straight for long, leading to potholes, chips, cracks, and drainage problems.

It’s therefore important to do your online homework and select the right experienced Sydney paving company to work with.

4. Plan the project upfront

A well-planned paving project will help you avoid problems before they occur. You will also have a solid breakdown of your needs and costs, including sand, pavers, and concrete. Your plan should also account for breakages, cuts, and site wastage.

This is where an experienced paving company in Sydney can help you a great deal.

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