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Landscaping tips to keep your family safe

Sydney landscaping ideas for families with children should incorporate some fun elements while focusing on safety. Use these kid-safe Sydney landscaping ideas to keep your children safe and the Dettol and Band-Aids in the cupboard.

1. Pool fencing

Pool fencing isn’t so much of a landscaping idea these days, as it is the law. Council regulations nationwide require that pool fencing be in place, even for relatively small bodies of water. Clever, determined children will find a way to break into the pool area, so a backyard door alarm that alerts you when they are outside will ensure an adult can always keep an eye on their outdoor adventures. 

2. Non-slip surfaces

Rules are rules but kids will break them despite the dangers. No amount of lecturing will prevent excited children from chasing each other around a pool or water feature area. Install non-slip paving surfaces to protect against slips and falls. This tip is especially important around pool areas to protect against children falling into water with a possible head injury.

3. Be mindful of what you grow

There are more than a few plants that look attractive but hold a deadly secret. Plants with bright berries or nice scents look and smell like tasty morsels to small children, while other plants can cause harm when they encounter delicate skin. Azaleas, daffodils, and mistletoe should be avoided in a landscape where children regularly play. There are also obvious reasons to leave cactus and spiny agave plants out of the design.

4. Secure storage

Ensure there is secure storage for garden tools like rakes, shovels, shears, and hoses. Kids have wild imaginations and will often find ways to use these tools during play that could prove deadly. Always make sure to lock your gardening equipment away where children can’t reach. 

5. Artificial turf

Synthetic grass is a lot safer for kids to play on than the natural stuff. Synthetic grass won’t develop potholes for kids to trip over, and your pets can’t make any new holes either. Artificial turf is a lot softer than natural grass and so is more suitable for roughhousing children. There’s also no need to worry about pet waste, as urine flows straight through, and solid waste is easily removed and cleaned with the hose. You also will not be exposing your kids to the pesticides or herbicides usually required to maintain a natural lawn.

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