Summertime is paving time

The warm summer days of Sydney are a fantastic time for barbecuing on the patio or spending time with the kids cooling down in the pool. It’s also an excellent time to consider updating the old, cracked concrete or crumbling pool pavers that have seen better days. If you are stuck for ideas on how best to spruce up your property with a Sydney paving service, we’ve got a few for you to consider

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1. Go Natural

Natural stone gives you plenty of scope for creating an attractive surface safe for a wet area. You will also want to consider the heat absorption properties of natural stone pavers. If you have tried to walk on a hot road at midday with bare feet, you know what we are talking about.

Natural stone pavers are absorbent, so we recommend sealing them with a quality sealer for extra protection and longer life. A  couple of our favourite natural stone ideas include marble and granite.

2. Classical Cobblestone

Traditional and timeless, cobblestone creates a dignified look for properties in older neighbourhoods. The slightly uneven surface provides a beautiful aesthetic perfect for winding garden paths. For cobblestone pool pavers, you can opt for a flat exfoliated surface that will help prevent a lot of slips and falls.

3. Customisable Concrete

Concrete pavers are perhaps the most versatile pavers as they can be manufactured in a wide range of shapes, styles, and colours, from rustic reds to glossy blacks; there’s not much you can’t do with concrete if you are after a particular look.

4. Versatile Bluestone

Bluestone pavers are created from sedimentary rock like limestone and sandstone that includes around 20 different types for many design choices. If you love the natural, random shaped stone look, there’s nothing quite like bluestone to make it work. You can use them anywhere around the house, including barbecue areas, garden paths, and pool pavers. They always produce a striking looking driveway if the curbside appeal is important to you for a future sale.

5. Good Old Brick

Brick pavers are a fantastic budget option that are easy to lay, come in a massive range of colours, and are durable. They make great looking driveways that will last decades, and you can still get pretty creative in your designs with the way you lay them.

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