Pool Paving in Sydney

Things to know before paving your pool

Pool pavers are an attractive option for many pool owners, but the best decision comes from knowing the advantages and disadvantages of any product you use.

Fortunately, when it comes to pool paving Sydney properties, most people find the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Let’s have a look at why pool pavers might be your best option.

Pool paving advantages

When looking for something different and unique for your pool deck, pavers should be at the top of your shortlist. There’s an incredible range of colours and designs for pool pavers, so your biggest challenge may be settling on just one of the many great choices.

Here are a few good reasons why pavers make the best choice.

Pool pavers create a safer environment

Kids and swimming pools are a constant worry for parents who are concerned about slips and falls. Well-chosen pool pavers create a natural non-slip surface that will make the wet areas around your pool a lot safer for walking on.

Pavers are easy to maintain

Unlike concrete surfaces that are difficult to repair after cracks start appearing, pavers make it a lot easier to maintain a perfect finish. If ever any cracks appear, you simply need to replace the offending pavers. Likewise, if the ground shifts and creates an uneven surface, fixing a small area is more straightforward than relaying the entire pool deck.

Pavers are extremely durable

Our Sydney paving service uses a strict quality control procedure to make sure every paver is in perfect condition. Ensuring quality right from the start means there are no weak links to create problems for you later.

Things to be aware of with pool pavers

Pavers are an excellent surface for a wide range of applications, but a few things you make yourself aware of now will ensure you get maximum use out of your pavers.

Sand tracked into the house

Pavers are laid on top of a sand bed and are locked in place with compacted sand that fills the joints. After a while, the pavers can settle and push some of this sand up to the surface. You may notice sand in your pool or tracked through your house. We prevent this problem by sealing the sand and the pavers in place.

Mould growth

If any shady areas around your pool dry out slowly, you may get mould. Regular cleaning with a mild detergent may be necessary. You could also modify your landscape to ensure it dries out faster.

About Paving have many years of experience laying pool pavers and know how to create a surface that lasts. If you want to create a beautiful area around your pool you can enjoy for decades, call today to find out how affordable Sydney paving can be.

Get a free no-obligation call in Sydney and help with sourcing the best pavers for your project

Phil and the team at About Paving can help guide you and also source for you the best pavers for your project. We offer a no-obligation call. With our network of Sydney paving suppliers we aim to access the best prices possible.

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