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Asphalt maintenance is important

Asphalt paving is a durable surface that will give you decades of reliable service, but it does require occasional maintenance to look its best. These asphalt maintenance tips from Sydney paver professionals will help keep your asphalt driveway looking great and lasting longer.

Asphalt treatments and maintenance services

Over time, oxidation and moisture will cause deterioration in the asphalt, and you will start getting potholes, raveling, and roughness. Several affordable asphalt surface treatments can extend the life of your driveway

Asphalt resurfacing

It’s impossible to completely protect your driveway against the elements. Old age, tree roots, shifting earth, and vehicle traversal will all take their toll over the years. A high-quality installation will help, but it will only delay the inevitable. Eventually, your driveway may need extra maintenance beyond regular cleaning and sealing.

A resurfacing job may eventually be required to restore your driveway. If the cracks and other damage are severe enough to have penetrated the road base, the asphalt will need to be removed and the road base repaired.

Asphalt preservation with rejuvenators

Raveling is the technical term for asphalt that is disintegrating and exposing the layers underneath to the elements. You can delay the onset of raveling through a rejuvenation treatment that restores the lost resins and oils of oxidised bitumen. These treatments are only advisable for low-traffic asphalt surfaces that are still in relatively good condition but are at risk of aggregate loss.

Asphalt driveway sealing

A regular application of a good-quality sealant can keep your asphalt pavement in good condition for 30 years or more. Sealing works best when the driveway has been professionally installed, but it’s not a solution for repairing cracks. If your driveway is showing signs of degradation, we recommend getting the issues repaired before sealing.

Thoroughly clean the area before applying sealant. It may look clean but trust us when we say that car exhausts leave a thin film that will stop the sealant from sticking.

Sealing a driveway is a big job that needs to be done right for the best results. We guarantee using a professional Sydney paving service will save you money in the long run.

Sealing asphalt cracks

Cracks in asphalt only get worse over time because they open up the lower layers to the elements. Not only are cracks unsightly, but they reduce the load-bearing capacity of the asphalt.

One crack will soon lead to more cracks, potholes, and depressions. Always take immediate action whenever you notice a crack in your asphalt driveway. In most cases, a repair job is all that is required, many of which you can do yourself.

Pavers Cracking

More asphalt maintenance tips

While most of the above asphalt maintenance tips should be carried out by professionals with the right equipment and experience, there’s a lot you can do yourself to keep your driveway looking good for longer.

  • Regularly clean the asphalt using a brush with stiff bristles
  • Remove oil stains
  • Pressure wash your driveway at least once a year
  • Keep plants and trees with large roots some distance from the paved surface
  • Ensure your driveway has adequate drainage (standing water will weaken asphalt and lead to cracks)

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