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Should you pave your North Shore Sydney driveway?

There are a lot of advantages to paving your North Shore property driveway, especially if you are tired of looking at your old, cracked, and pitted concrete driveway. Pavers are attractive, durable, and will add more value to your property than they cost.

Laying pavers for a large driveway comes with a few unique challenges to most other paving jobs.

Use this advice from a professional North Shore paving service to ensure you get it done right the first time.

1. Selecting the right type of paver

You’ll be asking your pavers to handle a lot of weight, and not all types will cope with the constant pressure of heavy vehicles. If your North Shore property has a steep slope, you will also get more strength by using a paver design that uses an interlocking pattern.  

2. Design for drainage

Quickly getting water away from your driveway after a summer storm is critical to the long life of the driveway and will also free you from having to clean up mould and mildew.

Pavers should be installed on a natural slope over a layer of gravel or sand to ensure fast runoff. You can also choose from our extensive range of permeable pavers that will quickly absorb water from the surface.

3. Maintenance and eco-friendliness

Many types of pavers, like brick pavers created from clay, can be recycled at the end of their usable life. Most types of pavers are easy to repair because you only need to swap out busted ones for new ones. Just make sure you order enough to have some left over.

You can apply a paving sealer every couple of years if you’re concerned about stains. Be mindful of drainage when sealing your driveway because sealant makes pavers resistant to all liquids, not just oil stains.

We offer a free no-obligation call in North Shore and can help source the best pavers for your project

Phil and the team at About Paving can help guide you and also source the best pavers for your project. We offer a no-obligation call, With our network of North Shore paving suppliers, we aim to access the best prices possible.

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