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What are the best pavers for my swimming pool in Sydney?

Pool pavers offer your outdoor space a durable, attractive, and versatile solution. They are one of the best choices if you are going for a natural look, and their non-slip surface makes them a natural choice for families with children. Some paving materials are better than others for wet areas, so here are our favourite picks for Sydney pavers to add beauty and natural elegance to your swimming pool area.


If you are after a natural stone look, then travertine pavers are a great choice and affordable as well. There’s a variety of shades to suit your decor preference, including grey, brown, yellow, and white. Travertine pavers can stay cool on hot Sydney days. Their porosity helps reduce slip. Unfortunately, this travertine feature makes it prone to staining from acidic products like citrus juices.


Granite is a popular natural stone chosen for its beautiful yet understated finish. It’s one of the most durable Sydney paving choices and doesn’t easily scratch, chip,  or stain. Because granite is such a hard stone, it’s more challenging to process, adding to its cost.


Marble creates a durable surface, but it will react unfavourably with acidic food, beverages, and cleaning products. Other than a surface sealer every couple of years, marble Sydney pavers will need very little maintenance. It also reflects heat, so the pavers will be safe on bare feet during summer.


Slate pavers create a natural elegance around your pool that will match beautifully with your landscaped garden. Like most natural Sydney stone paving, slate is durable but can be difficult and expensive to repair. It will be challenging to get a matching shade if you don’t have spare tiles left over from the same batch. You will also need to protect your investment with a fresh coat of paver sealer every couple of years.


Limestone is preferred for the natural textures produced from a combination of minerals present in the limestone sediment. It’s not as durable as other surfaces and can crack and chip with rough treatment, and you will need to treat it with a surface sealer. Its softness does make limestone easier to work, so maybe a cheaper natural stone option.


Quartzite is UV resistant, making it perfect for Sydney pavers around pools and decks. It’s incredibly durable and does not require any special chemicals to keep clean. Make sure you keep a few spare pavers over from the job because quartzite is nearly impossible to match when the replacement paver comes from a different batch.

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