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Our latest tips on taking care of your swimming pool pavers 

Swimming pool pavers are an attractive, durable, and safe option for outdoor areas. Professionally installed pavers can last a long time, but you will get more life out of them and keep them looking great for longer with these tips from our team at About Paving. 

1. Clean pavers regularly

Decaying leaves and debris, chlorine, and salt can degrade the look of your pavers if they are left to sit on the surface for a long time. Clean your pavers regularly to prevent stains and marks from setting in.

2. Do not excavate the joints

The material between paver joints, which could be specialised paver sand, gravel, or other material like mortar, is critical for paver stability. If this material is removed, pavers can shift out of place, insects can invade, and weeds can take root. Water can also seep through the gaps and erode the foundation of the pavers that keeps them level and straight under loads.

3. Reseal pavers every 3 years

Stone and concrete pavers are porous materials, which means they can absorb spills that leave a permanent stain. A sealant provides an extra layer of protection against spills so you can easily clean up any accidents. A good quality sealant applied every three years by a North Shore paving professional will ensure your pavers will look great for decades.

4. Use the right chemicals

Using the wrong cleaning chemicals on swimming pool pavers can erode the protective sealant and corrode and weaken the pavers, so they are more easily damaged. A high-pressure cleaner is often the best choice for pavers to quickly deal with stains, mould, and algae without chemicals or wasting water. Use a little detergent mixed with water and a stiff brush for tougher marks and stains.

5. Avoid dropping heavy objects

Professional driveway paving companies with certainly recommend you use pavers that are tough and durable. Even so, you should avoid dropping heavy objects on pavers to prevent chips and cracks. Fortunately, pavers are relatively easy to repair when accidents happen.

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