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Why choose asphalt?

We see asphalt used just about everywhere. It’s used on roads, highways, walking paths, and residential and commercial driveways. An asphalt surface is noise and skid resistant and creates a smooth surface, which is why it makes sense for our roadways.

However, if you are considering resurfacing your property with a Sydney paving service, there are a lot more advantages that make asphalt a great choice.

1. It can be recycled

Surprising but true, an asphalt driveway can be dug up and recycled. What’s more, it’s 100% recyclable, so every scrap of an old driveway can be repurposed. Another environmental reason to use asphalt is that it uses a lot less energy to make than other types of Sydney paving materials.

2. It’s durable and lost-lasting

Asphalt is more flexible than other types of paving, which means it can stand up to heavy loads without breaking. It can also expand and contract with the temperature changes of the Sydney weather, making it a lot more durable than the average concrete driveway. And if it does crack, it’s relatively straightforward and cost-effective to repair.

3. It has great drainage

When properly installed by Sydney paving professionals, moisture runs right off an asphalt surface. Excellent drainage is another reason asphalt is used on our roadways because it reduces water spray and improves visibility. You won’t have to worry about those features with the average driveway or garden path, but it’s nice to know you won’t be stepping in deep puddles when you exit your vehicle after the rain.

4. It’s cost-effective and easy to install

If you have a large area you need covering quickly or are looking for the most affordable and durable material for a garden path or driveway, there’s no other material quite like asphalt for laying down fast at a price that will suit every budget.

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