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Do you have damaged pavers?

Broken and damaged pool pavers, driveway pavers, concrete pavers, brick pavers, or natural stone pavers are not just an eyesore; they can also create a hazard around traffic areas.

If your pavers are no longer level, you could also have water pooling on your surface. If the water can hang around for a while, it will lead to moss and mould build-up and give mozzies a place to breed. You don’t want to have to resurface an entire pool area or driveway just to fix a few broken pavers; here’s what you can do instead.

Remove the damaged bricks

Your first step will be to remove the damaged bricks. Remove the sand with a wire brush along the grout lines and use extracting tongs to grip the paver and lift it out. Do this for all the damaged bricks, but don’t throw any away, as you can use these for comparing dimensions and colours when you look for replacements.

Clean out the area

Continue using your wire brush to remove any excess sand stuck to the edges of the cavity. You will also need to add a little sand to the base and level it out before placing a new brick.

Get your replacement

After a paving job, a Sydney paving service will often leave a few spares behind for just such an occasion. However, if you don’t have any handy, you will need to hunt some down. We work with many suppliers of Sydney pavers, so we shouldn’t have any trouble locating suitable replacements for you. Get the right paver, and your driveway or poolside will look as good as new.

Install new pavers

Once you have levelled out the base sand, it’s time to place your replacement pavers into the cavity. You may have to use a wet saw to cut some to shape if they are on the edge or go around structures. Tap them with a wooden mallet to get them to sit snug.

Sprinkle some sand around the replacements and sweep it into the gaps with a broom. A wooden float will ensure you get plenty of sand deep into the joints. Now check that the new pavers are level and well grouted, and you are done.

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