Pavers Cracking

Proper installation is important to avoid pavers from cracking

A professionally paved driveway, pool area, or patio is a nice aesthetic for any home. They look great while increasing the value of your home and are extremely durable. However, pavers are susceptible to damage through cracking.

Fortunately, a paved surface is easier to repair than most other types of surfaces, but it’s always good to know why your pavers are cracking and what you can do about it. Use these tips from Sydney paving professionals to keep your pavers in good condition.

Low-quality installation

Professional Sydney paver services make laying pavers look easy, but that only comes from years of experience. Every step of the paving process needs to be completed to the highest quality with no corners cut. If you have used a budget service or tried the DIY route, a substandard installation could be what’s causing your pavers to crack.

Weed growth

An expanding root system can put pressure on pavers to the point where they may crack. The easiest way to stop weeds from cracking your pavers is to prevent them from growing in the first place.

Lack of maintenance

Pavers need regular maintenance, which will help prevent the weed growth mentioned above. Adding sealant repels moisture that seeds need to grow.

Keeping moisture away from your pavers with sealant makes your pavers safer from slipping and prevents mould, moss, and mildew from taking root. A bonus benefit of sealant is that it also prevents stains from oil and food and beverage spills, providing you clean them immediately. Talk to your Sydney paver service about getting sealant reapplied annually to help prevent cracked pavers.

Not using polymeric sand

You shouldn’t use any old sand to fill the joints between your pavers. Polymetric sand is composed of tiny grains that fill all the cracks without leaving any spaces. Manufacturers add powerful bonding agents to polymetric sand that join the pavers together to prevent shifting. Pavers that don’t move are less likely to crack, and weeds have nowhere to sprout their roots.

Sub-standard paving base

A professional Sydney paver service will start with a good quality foundation material that is completely level before the pavers are laid over the top. The foundation is critical to your pavers’ handling daily traffic or spreading the load from heavy vehicles evenly across the surface. A good foundation for pavers has excellent drainage and is installed at the appropriate thickness for the type of paver and the traffic they will endure.

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