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Limestones are a great paving material

Different pavers suit different purposes and aesthetics for homeowners and provide more options where budget is concerned. One popular material that is proving popular for Sydney pavers is limestone. What is limestone, and does it make the cut as a good choice for driveway paving Sydney properties? This quick guide from a Sydney paving expert should help.

What is limestone?

Limestone is a sedimentary rock found all over the world. It’s created by millions of years of organic material, shells, and coral deposits settling and solidifying into rock. The main component of limestone is calcite, a form of calcium carbonate. High-quality limestone pavers can range in shades from white to blue-grey, but you will also find off-white, yellows, blacks, and tans. The quality and durability of limestone pavers will depend on the pressure exerted on the sediment during its formation.

Is limestone a good paver?

Limestone is perfect for hot Sydney summers as it reflects heat, so it’s a great choice for pool areas and bare feet. It can also resist salt degradation. Properly finished limestone has a high slip rating, making it a good choice for outdoor walkways, pool decks, and other wet areas.

It doesn’t have quite the same load-bearing capacity as basalt, bluestone, or granite, but a thicker, longer style of limestone paver is still a good choice for driveway paving Sydney properties.

Is limestone expensive?

Because limestone varies in quality, there is a lot of range for various budgets. If you’re aiming for an attractive, natural walkway, you can get away with using a softer stone to save money. However, driveways will need a thicker, higher-quality stone that will cost more per square meter. Call About Paving for more accurate pricing.

Is limestone durable?

As discussed above, limestone is pretty durable and stands up to salt attacks around pools. However, you must choose an appropriate limestone paver for different use cases to get the best results. Do that, and you should get decades of use out of a Sydney paving installation.

Are limestone pavers easy to maintain?

The Great Pyramids of Egypt are a testament to how limestone pavers will stand the test of time. Still, a good sealant every two or three years will ensure you get decades of enjoyment out of your limestone pavers.

Need help in paving your Sydney property?

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