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Should you hire a professional synthetic grass installer

Synthetic grass is no longer just for the mini-golf and sports fields because it has reached the mainstream. As more residents learn about the benefits of artificial grass, we will see more synthetic grass used in Sydney landscapes. Many people will consider going the DIY route to save a few dollars. Installing your own synthetic grass is not recommended for getting the best results, so here are a few reasons why you should consult with an experienced artificial grass Sydney service

1. Your synthetic grass will need excellent drainage

Synthetic grass needs excellent drainage; otherwise, you will have pools of water sitting in your garden for days after even a light shower or hosing off. You don’t want your beautifully landscaped yard to be inaccessible while you wait for it to dry out, which is why you should always have your synthetic grass installed by professionals.

Experienced synthetic grass Sydney services lay the grass so it can achieve maximum drainage and runoff. Depending on the lay of your land and the type of soil you have, your installation may need to have some sort of drainage installed underneath, which is tricky to do without training and experience.

2. You will save money

A significant portion of your budget for synthetic grass on your Sydney property will cover the costs of the materials, including the grass, drainage equipment, and infill. However, if you choose to DIY, you will also have the expense of the specialised tools needed for proper installation and the skills to use them.

On top of these expenses, if you make a mistake, you may need to replace the grass. About Paving only uses the best brands of synthetic grass and already have all the necessary tools, so our service will ensure you can enjoy your beautiful lawn for decades.

3. The synthetic grass installation will look better

Modern synthetic grasses look and feel incredibly realistic, even up close and under bare feet. There will always be seams where separate areas connect, and nothing detracts from the beauty of artificial grass quite like a disjointed seam. It’s the most challenging part of an installation and one that is incredibly difficult to pull off without years of training and experience.

You are getting artificial grass to beautify and add value to your property, don’t risk ruining your new lawn for the sake of saving a few dollars. Call About Paving for the best advice, prices, and synthetic grass Sydney has to offer.

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