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Improve Your Sydney Home Without Spending A Fortune

Are you thinking about improving your home but worried you don’t have a huge budget? We list five ideas to inspire you.

1. Pave areas of your Sydney home

Paving parts of your Sydney home like the entrance or patio is a great home improvement yet cost-effective. It will require minimal maintenance afterwards and will help increase the value of your home.

2. Add external lighting

Adding external garden lights and patio lights can be a quick and cost effective way to enhance your outdoor area. They can also help protect your property against intruders and provide greater safety by illuminating walking paths.

3. Reduce your carbon footprint and save

The world is focusing on addressing climate change more. You can join the advocacy and help by reducing your home’s carbon footprint. You can also reduce your bills in the process. Try installing solar panels and other green technology. Talk to your builder, plumber, and electrician to see how you can improve and arrange for a greener property.

4. Mantain your garden

Work out a system that can help maintain your garden so that you can enjoy it more. From regular garden maintenance, mowing the lawns, planting low maintenance trees, herbs and flowers, you can get your outdoor garden looking more vibrant, structured and organised.

5. Add an external entertainment area

One easy improvement is to identify a small suitable outdoor space and add plants and comfortable outdoor furniture. You can add artificial grass or even pave the area to bring it to life and improve it’s use.

Need help paving your Sydney property or enhancing your outdoor space?

Phil and the team at About Paving can help guide you and also source the best pavers for your project. We offer a no-obligation call. With our network of Sydney paving suppliers, we aim to access the best prices possible.

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