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Artificial grass for your business

If you want to know whether artificial grass in Sydney is a suitable alternative to the real stuff in a commercial setting, a quick look around CBD and surrounds will give you the answer.

Commercial use of artificial grass can be seen in commercial properties all around Sydney. From football fields and office rooftops to indoor tennis courts, artificial turf is an increasingly popular option for creating a welcoming and comfortable space for guests, customers, and sportspeople.

Why are so many commercial properties opting for an artificial grass Sydney installation? A brief exploration of its many benefits will help you decide if synthetic turf will work for your commercial property.

It’s environmentally friendly

Yes, artificial grass surfaces are created from synthetic fibres (polyethylene), which may cause concern for some. However, all artificial grass Sydney supplies are manufactured from recycled materials and are recyclable when they reach their end of life (measured in decades).

Plus, when you compare the synthetic turf to the resources natural grass requires throughout the year, the artificial stuff wins when calculating a cost to the environment.  It doesn’t require copious amounts of fertilizer, mowing, or watering and stays green all year round without any effort from you.

It’s durable

Not only does synthetic grass require almost zero maintenance, but the polyethylene fibres it is made from are incredibly durable. Polyethylene is a type of plastic responsible for many advances in how realistic fake turf is when compared to the real thing. If your commercial property has a high-traffic area, the fake turf will work in your favour in terms of maintenance and keeping it looking great.

You can use artificial grass where real grass wouldn’t grow

Indoor sports fields typically wouldn’t be able to have a grass surface, which some inner-city sportspeople prefer. It would also be prohibitively expensive to create and maintain a lush green lawn on a rooftop. Synthetic turf has no such limitations and will provide you with a dense green, comfortable surface in a space the real stuff couldn’t handle.

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