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No matter the area or the state of the rest of your property, a scruffy-looking garden will always lower the potential price buyers are likely to offer, especially if the landscape is a barren wasteland or a weed and bindi infested mess.

If your goal is to add value, then artificial grass is one way you can guarantee you always have a vibrant green lawn. You may also need to convince your potential buyers that synthetic turf is just as good, if not better, than the real stuff.

As the go-to artificial grass Syndey service, we have all the info on how synthetic turf can add value to your home.

1. Scruffy yards hurt your market value

The consensus among real estate experts is that a neglected garden requiring a lot of work can delete almost 2% off the value of your home. Two per cent may not seem much, but it can easily equate to a few thousand dollars, a nice holiday, or a fair chunk off the car loan in most Sydney areas. Synthetic grass always looks immaculate and well-kept and is much easier to maintain than a traditional lawn, so you won’t have to worry about preparing it months in advance.

2. Artificial grass is an increasingly popular option

The technology behind artificial grass can closely simulate the look and feel of the real thing without all the care and maintenance a living lawn requires. Two or three decades ago, artificial grass would be nowhere near the quality of today’s versions and would make a home less appealing to buyers. However, times have changed, and people are increasingly less opposed to the option when they see how closely it resembles and feels like the real thing.

3. Synthetic turf always looks great

Sydney winters are tough on lawns, and a lot of care and watering is needed to keep them green and vibrant. Likewise, summertime creates an explosion in growth, and regular mowing is required to maintain a lawn at the optimum length. On the other hand, synthetic turf looks great year-round, no matter the season or the weather.

4. It’s child and pet safe

Many people have the idea that artificial grass can make an area look great but unusable. The truth is that artificial lawns are just as accessible as the real thing. It’s durable enough to withstand kids, pets, and afternoon barbecues with guests. You can show your potential buyers how this is the case by placing a few kid’s toys around the fake lawn or making sure your pets are using the area while showing off the property.

5. Artificial turf is low maintenance

Most people love a good-looking lawn but rarely look forward to the work to keep them that way. Make sure you tell your prospective buyers how much more free time you have on your hands because of your artificial grass. To the right kind of buyer, this feature of artificial grass on a Sydney property is sure to increase the appeal significantly.

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