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Low maintenance garden… Yes, it is possible!

Do you dream of days you can spend in your garden with family and friends without worrying about mowing and whipper snipping to keep it looking presentable? Combining an artificial grass Sydney installation with a bit of creative landscaping makes it possible to turn your garden into a backyard paradise that doesn’t require constant weeding. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Install artificial grass

The latest versions of artificial grass look and feel so close to the real thing people may not believe you when you tell them it’s fake. There are many fake lawn types to choose from, so you can simulate the exact kind of lawn you prefer. It’s easy to clean, kids and pets love it, and it doesn’t need mowing or weeding. Plus, it’s a hundred percent recyclable, which puts natural lawns to shame from an environmental standpoint.

Choose drought-resistant plans

People who love a nice garden but gardening not so much can still get the garden they want, but one that doesn’t include all the weekend work.

Choosing native, drought-resistant plants that grow in your area is one of the best strategies for creating a low-maintenance garden.

Native plants are already accustomed to the climate and will always look great without any attention from you.

Create a low maintenance garden with rocks

Your choice in ground-covering can help you create a low-maintenance, attractive landscape you can be proud of.

Rocks, stones, and pebbles are excellent options for creating variety and texture around your landscape, and there’s nothing better for stopping weeds from sprouting.

Mix it up with different shades and sizes of rocks and a variety of plants for a stunning garden that won’t take up all your weekends to keep tidy.

Self-watering living wall

Try a self-watering living wall when you need to add a splash of green to a bland wall or unused corner. Wall gardens go up instead of horizontal, so you don’t need much space to create an appealing focal point in your garden. There’s very little maintenance involved, regardless of the plant types you use.

Outdoor solar light

There is an incredible variety of shapes, colours, and designs for outdoor solar lighting. Create eye-catching displays, light up your garden space so you can get more hours of use out of it, or add a few low-level lights for some extra ambiance.

Whatever your plans for a low-maintenance garden, start with an artificial grass Sydney service. Fake lawns are easy-care, look and feel great, and are environmentally friendly. Call About Pavers to find out everything you need to know about artificial lawns from the experts.

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