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The latest buzz! Yes…artificial grass on sports fields

Sports fields all around the world are turning to artificial grass instead of the real stuff. So, why is there a sudden interest in using synthetic grass for sports players? Doesn’t the real grass provide a superior surface? As it turns out, no it doesn’t and here’s why.

Little to no maintenance

As an artificial grass Sydney supplier, we’ve installed hundreds of acres across residential, commercial, and yes…sports fields. Our customers constantly tell us how much they love it because it’s so easy to look after. You don’t have to water it, fertilize it, mow it, or weed it. It stays green all year round, so your sports field will always look its best for televised or recorded matches. And if it gets wet, there’s no risk of slippery mud pits preventing your players from getting back out there.

Help conserve water

Mother nature in NSW is a fickle beast. One year you could be paddling down Main Street in a canoe and completely parched the next with water restrictions quickly turning your green fields into dirty dust bowls.  Other than the occasional hose down, synthetic grass doesn’t need water, which means you can continue to play sports no matter how full the dams are.

More durable

Our high-quality artificial grass Sydney service only installs grass that can stand a little rough treatment. In general, you can expect a grass installation to make it through a decade of roughhousing or more – all while saving thousands on fertilizers, manual labour, and your water rates.

Artificial grass is safer

Wet weather can cause potholes and uneven surfaces on natural grass fields, creating a tripping hazard for players. A lot of costly maintenance is involved in preventing this from happening. Artificial grass isn’t affected, so it can be safer for sportspeople. However, it does need to be installed by a professional artificial grass Sydney installer to ensure an even playing surface.

More economical

As we have stated, synthetic turf needs very little maintenance and resources, making it the most financially sensible choice for sports playing fields watching their budget.

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