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Benefits of synthetic grass in your new home

New home builders often limit themselves to two choices for their lawn; turf or seed. Both have pros and cons, but artificial or synthetic grass is a third option growing in popularity. This product has come a long way in the last decade and has a lot going for it if you are considering alternatives to natural stuff.

Artificial lawn is incredibly versatile and can be used all around your new home for uses you may not have thought about.

Smaller blocks with no mowing

The Aussie dream of a house with a large yard is being replaced with more indoor living space and smaller yards, especially the closer you get to the CBD. In short, there’s not going to be much lawn to mow. You won’t even have to do that when you use an artificial grass Sydney service to create your little patch of green.

It’s great for dogs and pets

If you haven’t checked out artificial grass in the last few years, you should know that it’s light years away from the astroturf of a few decades ago. Technology has moved on and can produce fake turf that is close in look and feel to the real thing. Your pets certainly won’t know the difference.

Dogs love the feel of artificial turf underneath their paws, and you won’t have to brush loose blades of grass out of their fur when they decide to roll around. It’s very easy to clean and affordable enough that you can have a spare patch while you wait for the other to dry out after a quick hose down.

It works well in high rise garden areas

Real grass in a high-rise or penthouse outdoor area is a pain to look after and keep green. On the other hand, a small patch of artificial turf gives your small but functional outdoor area a lush green surface your bare feet will love.

Golf lovers can also install a small patch to get some putting practice in whenever they are in the mood, and it will always stay flat and true.

These are just a few of the ideas for fake lawns. Call our artificial grass, Sydney service for even more great uses for artificial turf, or organise to check it out for yourself.

Is synthetic / artificial grass right for you?

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