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Fix these drainage problems with artificial grass

Drainage problems with the lawn are the bane of a homeowner’s existence that can lead to all sorts of problems in the yard. Unfortunately, real grass needs water, and lots of it, making drainage issues an all too regular occurrence.

When you are looking for a solution to your backyard drainage problems, artificial grass could be worth a look.

Here are just a few of the drainage issues you won’t have to deal with when you install an artificial lawn.

1.  Lawn bubbles

A lawn bubble forms when water that can’t drain properly collects at the bottom of the lawn. The bubble of trapped water kills the grass causing unsightly brown patches. Popping the bubble is easily done with a shovel, but it will only come back with the next rain.

Artificial grass that is properly installed with a good drainage system will prevent lawn bubbles from forming, and your grass will always be green.

2.  Water traps

A water trap develops when water collects in a low spot on the lawn. The stagnant water will eventually kill the surrounding grass or plants.

Artificial grass drains straight from the surface into an underground drainage system that diverts to the storm drain, so you will never have to worry about water traps forming.

3.  Drowned plants and grass

You’ve likely noticed that in certain circumstances, grass that gets wet can stay that way for days, especially during cold, overcast winter days or in areas that get lots of shade. The constant presence of moisture will quickly kill off the natural grass so weeds and moss can take over. Artificial lawns will always maintain a consistent shade of green year-round and will never stay wet.

4.  Soggy spots

When moisture-laden clay or compacted earth in your yard cannot absorb any more water, it will pool on top to create a soggy spot that is prone to mould and mildew.

Synthetic grass is a fantastic solution because of a high-quality infill that absorbs moisture and guarantees excellent drainage.

5.  Pests and bugs

Natural grass provides a home for lots of different bugs and pests like ticks that can infect your pets and your children, and many bugs will damage your lawn if left alone. Natural grass is also prone to fungal diseases. It can sometimes seem like you are always spraying expensive herbicides and pesticides to keep your lawn looking respectable.

Artificial grass won’t attract pests, nor is it prone to moulds and fungal outbreaks. You won’t have to waste money or your weekend spraying yet another section of your lawn that’s getting attacked.

Is synthetic/artificial grass right for your property?

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