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Artificial grass for your duplex. Is it a good option?

Due to maintenance issues, natural lawns are not always a great choice for small outdoor areas, but you can still have the next best thing with artificial grass. It’s virtually maintenance-free, looks and feels almost like the real thing, stays green all year long, and can easily last a couple of decades. Here are more reasons why artificial grass could be the perfect surface for creating a small but classy outdoor entertainment area.

1. Modern synthetic grasses look realistic

Modern artificial turf looks and feels like the real thing and is comfortable underfoot, even on bare feet. The synthetic blades are made with subtle variations in shade and size to create an even more realistic appearance of natural grass varieties.

2. Low-cost care and maintenance

You won’t need to fertilise, water, or weed your outdoor lawn. Artificial grass requires very little maintenance and is easy to clean when accidents happen. Blot up any spilled liquid with an absorbent towel and rinse with water and mild household detergent. However, you will need to be careful of burning substances like charcoal barbecues and cigarettes, which can permanently damage the plastic blades.

2. Artificial grass is not just for lawns

You get a lot more versatility with synthetic grass than with natural lawns. If you desire a little more green in your outdoor space, you can go vertically up walls or even extend the lawn partway indoors to create a bit more entertainment space when friends come over.

3. It’s child and pet friendly

You won’t need to enforce any keep of the artificial grass rules when you have pets and children. The grass is perfectly safe and comfortable for children to play on. It drains quickly after rain and won’t leave any mud afterwards either.

4. It’s recyclable

One of the biggest concerns for people considering artificial grass is the cost to the environment. Yes, synthetic grasses are made of plastic, but they are all manufactured with recycled material. Once your lawn has reached its end of life, it is still 100% recyclable. Add in the savings in fertiliser and water, and artificial grass is a very environmentally friendly product.

Is synthetic/artificial grass right for your property?

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