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Avoid these mistakes when using artificial grass

When it’s installed properly, artificial grass can last more than a decade without any noticeable degradation. However, getting the most out of your synthetic grass means you need to avoid these mistakes during the installation process.

Improper drainage

Your artificial lawn will need excellent drainage, so it dries out quickly after wet weather. You won’t have any mould, mildew, or bacterial problems with grass that can drain and dry out quickly.

Being able to easily clean up pet waste is essential for keeping your grass clean, and efficient drainage helps to quickly get rid of pet waste and smells.

Not using a weed-preventing layer

Synthetic turf naturally blocks many weeds from growing, but there are a few varieties that can survive in drainage holes and around the edges. Attach a weed membrane to the subbase to keep weeds at bay. In some cases, a second weed membrane may be recommended.

Not securing it properly

Membranes that aren’t adequately secured to the base can slip out of alignment and ruin a seamless surface. Use good quality, reliable adhesives to keep your grass in the place.

Incorrect estimates on how much you need

You may think you can always buy more artificial grass if you need it, but this rarely works out well. Artificial grass is made in batches, and each batch will have a slightly different shade than the one before.

It can be incredibly difficult to get the precise shade of grass you need when you don’t order enough to cover your entire lawn in the first instance. Make sure your measurements are accurate, so you buy enough synthetic turf to do the job. If you have some leftover, keep it for small repairs or patching.

Uneven base

A synthetic lawn will always look its best when it’s laid on a smooth, level surface. The smallest bump or wrinkle will stand out and ruin the overall look of your fake lawn. Ensure you remove all rocks, roots, and debris from the area. Use a sod roller or plate compactor to compact the base layer and make it as smooth as possible.

Is synthetic/artificial grass right for your property?

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