Playgroud Artificial Grass Sydney

Safety is always the top priority

You’ve probably noticed artificial grass popping up in playgrounds and yards around Sydney. Its growing popularity is due to the many features and advantages of artificial grass.

For starters, it’s clean and environmentally responsible because it’s made from recycled products. It’s also safe, which makes synthetic grass an excellent choice for areas where kids play.

Keep reading to learn more about how artificial grass can improve the safety of your children’s outdoor play.

It’s soft underfoot

Let your kids kick off their shoes because synthetic grass is soft and flexible. Kids often play rough, so there’s always a risk of falls from swings and other outdoor equipment. Unlike cork or bark, synthetic grass is soft underfoot, so you won’t have as many reasons to break out the Band-Aids.

Artificial grass resists pests

Real grass can harbour pests like ticks and spiders, but you won’t have any problems with biting insects with an artificial grass installation. Natural grass is also an issue for dogs during the summer and spring when fleas come to visit.

It’s non-toxic

Artificial grass is manufactured from lead-free materials, and you will never have to spray it with toxic pesticides or herbicides. You can rest easy knowing your kids are playing in an environment free from harmful products. Your synthetic grass doesn’t need them to stay lush, soft, and green.

Artificial grass has anti-microbial properties

Many people think that synthetic grass can provide a haven for harmful bacteria, but this isn’t true. Artificial turf has antimicrobial properties that prevent bacteria from reproducing and spreading. A play area free from germs means they don’t get tracked inside when playtime is over.

Artificial grass is not slippery

Natural grass creates a slipping hazard when it gets wet. The superior drainage of artificial grass means it dries out much faster than natural turf, so kids can get back outside almost as soon as the rain stops.

Artificial grass is durable

While artificial grass does cost more than a natural turf installation, it easily lasts for a decade or more. You need to factor in the cost of watering and fertilising. Mowing can ruin a perfectly good weekend, and the cost of fertilisers and herbicides adds up. Over time, the durability of artificial turf makes it the more economical solution.

Is synthetic/artificial grass right for your property?

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