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Your kids’ safety is paramount

Kids love to play outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, but parents also like to know that their kids are safe while playing in the backyard.

If you’ve been thinking about how to keep your kids safer and free of scraped knees, you may have considered artificial grass. Here’s why synthetic stuff may be a better option than a traditional lawn from a safety perspective.

Artificial grass reduces the chances of injuries

Unless you are a fastidious gardener with all the time in the world to maintain the perfect lawn, chances are your backyard is far from perfect. Like most Australian yards it will develop potholes and bare patches that turn into mud pits when it rains.

Kids on wet lawns are at more risk of slipping and falling, and hidden potholes have sprained more than a few school kids’ ankles (and adults as well). Fake turf remains perfectly flat all year round and drains quickly so your kids can get outside as soon as the rain clouds are gone.

Synthetic grass is safe for kids with allergies

Spring and summer hay fever from real grass can be a problem for sensitive kids. Artificial turf will reduce the airborne dust around your home, so your children can enjoy an allergy-free spring and summer.

Artificial turf does not harbour harmful bacteria

Days of wet weather will turn the average Australian yard into a quagmire that promotes bacterial growth. Synthetic turf drains quickly and dries out much faster than natural lawns.

As such, moisture cannot lay around for long enough to create a breeding ground for bacteria.

Playground turf doesn’t attract pests

If you ever had a tick as a child, you don’t want your kids going through the same painful drama. Traditional grass can harbour these troublesome pests, as they hide and wait for a chance to attach to a rambunctious child.

Fleas are also attracted to natural lawns, especially if you don’t get time to stay on top of the mowing. Kids, dogs, and cats will all be able to enjoy the backyard without fear of annoying pests when you choose synthetic grass as your ground cover.

Is synthetic/artificial grass right for your property?

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