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Stressed with your lawn? Artificial grass can solve your problems

Are you tired of looking at a scruffy lawn littered with bald patches, dead grass, and weeds? Artificial grass may be the solution to your problems. Read on to find out more.

Bald spots

Bald spots can develop from excessive foot traffic, pests, diseases, and pets looking for something to do. Artificial grass will resolve these issues once and for all, so you can always enjoy a vibrant green lawn. You can replace just a part of your natural turf, but if you never want to witness another bald spot on your grass, a complete covering of synthetic grass is the way to go.

Thatch build-up

Thatch is the accumulation of dead organic material, grass, and roots tangled and matted between the live vegetation. This dead layer blocks water and nutrients from the soil and gives pests a cosy home to hide away in. Artificial turf won’t collect dead organic matter and needs no nutrients. Plus, pests will stay clear as well.

Dead grass

Grass can die from neglect, but Australian lawns often suffer from a long time between drinks because of our unpredictable weather. Too much rain leads to water-logged ground that is unpleasant to walk on and even less fun to mow. You don’t have to worry about how thirsty a synthetic lawn might be; water drains away, and UV protection means it will keep its vibrant colour for decades, even during a drought with severe water restrictions. 

Weed growth

Weeds compete with your natural lawn for vital nutrients and will almost always win if you aren’t paying attention. If a  weekend of pulling weeds out of your yard doesn’t sound appealing, synthetic turf will ensure you have a lot more free time.

Pests and insects

No matter how much you care for your lawn, a pest invasion from the neighbours can quickly ruin your efforts and cost you a small fortune in pesticides. While scientists have recently discovered a plastic-eating worm, it’s not likely to be a problem for synthetic turf, nor will any of the other usual suspects.

Pollen allergies

If you or any family suffer from pollen allergies when spring and summer roll around, your natural lawn isn’t doing you any favours. Your kids can safely play on artificial grass without having to worry about a respiratory attack or a fit of sneezing.

Is synthetic/artificial grass right for your property?

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